bags of potential

Propositions Tanya Joyce

This was an enjoyable and easy read – perfect for sitting on the sofa with a coffee for a couple of hours.

The main characters were lively and likeable, with passionate chemistry and just the right amount of sizzle.  Jess’ high stakes fashion spiced it up just a bit – I want they necklace!  Nate’s behaviour towards the end was so abhorrent. But I guess that’s story telling for you, when it annoys you its a good sign you’re hooked!

Given I’ve just finished Nalini Singh’s Rock Hard – I did miss the humour, pace and oomph of character that she delivers.

However, I got stuck on a few things that bothered me.

First up – the best friend doesn’t know about the son’s father, especially after the divorce?  Rubbish.  Not much more to say on that.

And there were some things that just felt rushed or muddy.

– having lived in both countries, I can confirm that British men don’t wear jocks (in fact so far my test audience have all confirmed that a jock is an American athlete). Maybe Aussie men wear trunks but it just didn’t read right. In both countries men say boxers – wouldn’t that work?
– there was a lot about how short notice the launch was – 6 months right? As I know a lot about this industry it annoyed me – if only 6 months to organise huge gala like that, was the norm – usually its so much less. Nate seemed to have nothing to do but meet Jess and her team all week – not really what you get from the CEO! And no social media?
– the dates surrounding Jess’ age, Connor’s birth, Troy’s disappearance/wife’s death, her marriage to Graeme just didn’t seem to add up. Not overly sure why.

Tanya Joyce demonstrates lots of potential – she’s definitely got the ability to craft a good tale, create some interesting characters and describe her setting well.  One to watch definitely.

Thank you to netgalley for an ARC in return for an honest review