More and British please…

A Cut Too Deep Marissa Farrar

Marissa Farrar’s latest book was a welcome treat today.  With a busy day at work, a cracking headache and a number of small but annoying things to sort,  I needed a book tonight for a bit of light relief be easy to pick and put down but yet absorbing.  Perfect!

Although once I started I remembered Ms Farrar’s habit of not sticking to the rules! Eek!  Time after time with her fab Serenity series she’s left me breathless. So, I read holding my breath worried that there wouldn’t be a happy ever after ending. Phew – this is one author who knows her audience and happily delivers.  Impressive that she writes so nicely across different genres.

A Cut Too Deep is a sweet romantic thriller with a good bit of sexiness thrown in. Jenna’s struggles with her body image and PTSD draw you in inch by inch.  As for Ryker? Well, he’s not going to be thrown out for eating crisps is he?  I like him flawed but knowing what he wants. Life’s made them mature beyond their time and whilst there’s a happy ever after it comes at a very high price.

The villain was a nasty piece of work. You could feel his anger, hatred and drive for revenge.  You felt Jenna’s terror but especially her anger and her strength. And this is a book about finding your own strength even when you’re so headed in the wrong way.

Piercings, tattoos, scars and curves all wrapped up in a gorgeous little romance. Yummy!

Two complaints though: please next time make it longer and especially make it British!

Thank you to THE bookclub on FB for an advance copy in return for an honest review.