Are curves healthy?

The Curvy Girls Club Michele Gorman

Michele Gorman’s book has had me thinking about health and how we should define healthy.  Pretty much daily we’re told that being overweight is unhealthy.  Even with my curves, I’m smart enough to agree.

But is that it? Before this book, I would have agreed. I was more unhealthy than I wanted to admit. This book has me re-thinking that.

The author’s subtle point (brilliantly made) has me trying to understand what my own version of healthy is.  So, if your BMI is good but you’re miserable and struggle with your self image is that healthy?  Is the girl you envy because she can wear anything healthy simply because she’s a size 10?

I’ll no doubt have Helen Gurley Brown turning in her grave, but I believe you can’t have it all.  So, if I apply that logic, what do I compromise?  Like many working career orientated mums I can’t do it all.  If you choose to be a “career girl” (god, I hate that term!) you have to expect a certain level of stress associated with a high power career – surely?!  Not to mention the impact on your time.   Is that healthy?  Or is it healthier to dampen that aspect of yourself and go for a lower stress option?

And what about the relationships that sustain you?  Could it be that aspect of your life that defines your true health?

If all that wasn’t enough Ms Gorman manages to get you thinking about the nature of prejudice and self esteem.  Thought provoking stuff.

As for the read itself, well the latter half of this book is very good – in fact its terrific.  However, its starts off very chic lit’sih and kind of average chic lit (and I do like chic lit). Then it starts to change and it feels like the book Michele really wanted to write comes up – slowly but surely.

One of the challenges is that we learn everybody’s back story via Katie the main character. The other characters don’t have a choice, often this works in a book, but here not always. Not sure why.

As a PS I would add that Michele writes about London beautifully – not OTT like many do but just day to day stuff. I loved that aspect.