Throw it at the wall

The Wronged Sons by John Marrs

Reading this book on the kindle simply won’t allow you to properly give in to the frustration.

You will be hamstrung by the absolute need to throw it at the wall and to do so frequently. Given how much I love my kindle the fact that I was even tempted to throw it shows how gripping this book is.

Unlike most authors, it’s pretty clear that John Marrs intends for his reader to be frustrated and increasingly maddened.  His lead character Simon has to be one of the most disgusting characters in modern literature. Page by damn page he gets worse. And what can you do?

Time after time I put the book down swearing I was done.  But The Wronged Sons was not done with me, it was inside my head. Quite simply I had to know why he’d done it. So, I was a glutton for punishment over and again.

Reflecting back on it, I’m intrigued about the title.  Its true the story is that of a series of men wronged by their parents.  But what about the daughters?  Or indeed the Wronged Wife?

The title for me also reflects also on the culpability of Simon – he hides behind his own life as a wronged son, and what point was he responsible for himself?  And maybe also Catherine’s own decisions.  When do you move from being the child with a traumatic background excused for so much to being a responsible adult held to account?

The ending has been much discussed.  I would have preferred a neatly packaged solution but given the nature of the book, that wasn’t an option.  Thank god really – what on earth would I know?!  A month after reading it, I’m still gripped.