A Modern or Ton romance?

The Marlow Intrigues Jane Lark

Jane Lark writes soulful romance.

Of course, there’s all the perennial themes for historical fiction.  Yet, I can’t help feeling that her social commentary is more for today’s modern women than a comment on the Regency ton.

In a world where young girls can be Rhiannon or head to Syria as jihadi brides, ultimately we need to think how we help them become independent women who can love a man with their self respect in tact.

To me, this is the author’s point.  If her heroines who had far fewer choices than young women today can come through their trials with not only their self respect but winning the love and respect of their men, then there’s a lesson in there for us all.

Of course you can argue that Ms Lark’s heroines are constantly rescued by their romantic hero.  But what’s attractive is that they aren’t the beautiful damsel looking for the love of her life.  These heroines have complex back stories.  The trend she set with her first heroine being a Courtesan, continues with more women who take a path that normally in a bodice ripper wouldn’t endear them.  Well, Ms Lark makes them endearing.  I especially love that there’s even a pregnant older merry widow!

Yet the writing is simple in the best way.  It’s not that you can’t put the book down – you just don’t want to.  This is romance for romantics.  If the heroines are intriguing, the heroes are more traditional – gorgeous, complex, flawed and quite yummy.

As for the history?  Ms Lark’s research and understanding of the era delivers richly historic stories.  By sticking with the series you’re rewarded with not just a good developing storyline but fab characterisation.

Book 5 – the Secret Love of a Gentleman – is out in July, sadly that’s a bit of a wait.  I have a feeling it might be worth it!