He’s no Joe Dolce

Welcome to Wherever You Are by John Marrs

John Marrs’ second book proves he’s no one hit wonder.  In fact, he demonstrates he’s a master of stories that flit across time and distance.  If you read The Wronged Sons you’ll know he loves a dark dark character and a horrid twist – that’s definitely consistent!

I wonder if the author read Hansel & Gretel a lot as a kid, because he sure knows how to pepper his stories with little breadcrumbs (or in this case gems).  Believe me, if you’re not quick you’ll miss them!  I did way too often.

The story is about eight different seemingly unconnected individuals drawn to the one hostel – sounds complex and it is.  Yet, what surprised me is that its a doddle to follow.  Not once did I get lost and trudge back over a chapter to work out who is who.  Its simply written and totally grabbed me, but the characters, their back stories and their motivations are complex.  It should have been harder to keep – thankfully it wasn’t!

There was just enough humour and grit in his characters to bring the odd smile as you dealt with the next hit to your solar plexus!  Having back packed myself I can vouch for the accuracy of the way the characters interacted.  Although I admit I turned my nose up at any establishment that rough!

What’s annoyed me however, was that the author has yet again gone the independent route to publish his book.  Clearly, I don’t know the many conversations he’s had since the success of The Wronged Sons, but there’s something very very wrong with an industry that hasn’t adopted John and these two books as the next big thing.  I hope its just that he likes being independent, but he deserves international success for both books.

Despite being given an ARC a few days before publication, I happily bought the kindle version – power to the indies!

Thank you to John Marrs and THE Bookclub on FB for the ARC in return for an honest review